With a strong presence in North America, Europe and Australia, VisionWorks camera systems are an affordable way to help monitor blind spots on your equipment.  These systems, which are portable, weatherproof and easy to install, are great for your trucking, spraying, planting and harvesting equipment to maximize your day by minimizing your time spent climbing to view blind spots.  Schwartz Farms can personally attest to these systems being tested on our farm and proven in our fields.

Watch the video below to see all of the unique functions of these cameras and their direct benefit to farmers and outdoorsy individuals.


Schwartz Farms sells an array of VisionWorks equipment.  Some of our features VisionWorks products are listed below:

5″ monitor with Upgraded 600 TVL VWCAM4/magnet and 30 ft cable:

5 inch camera

7″ monitor with Upgraded 600 TVL VWCAM4/magnet, 30 ft cable, remote, two inputs:

7 inch camera

Below is an example of how a VisionWorks camera system can monitor one’s spraying tips to ensure complete flow:

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Comparison to Competitors

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Questions or Concerns?

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