We have an amazing, hard working group of guys and gals that keep our operations running smoothly throughout the year.  Keep reading to learn more about our staff members and the farm’s organizational structure.

Schwartz Farms family and employees, August 2014



  • IMG_8743 Dan Schwartz, son of Thomas Sr. and Jean Schwartz, is a partner and owner of Schwartz Farms with his brother, Tom.  As an agronomist, seed specialist and certified crop advisor, Dan manages the planning and production aspects of the seed company and grain marketing operations, working closely with seed breeders to offer the best varieties that fit our customer needs.  He has been a member of the Maplewood Local Schools Board of Education since 2006, and also served as a member on the Ohio Soybean Council, based out of Columbus, Ohio, for 12 years between 2002 – 2014.Dan and his wife, Pam, have six children: Stephanie (& David Pykare), Jessica (& John King), Kristen, Elizabeth, Aaron and Gracie.
  •  IMG_8740Pam Schwartz, wife of Dan Schwartz, has played a vital role in the farm’s expansion over the past 30 years.  Throughout this time, Pam managed the records and accounting items.  More recently, Pam transferred some of her bookkeeping responsibilities to her son-in-law, John King, and has focused more on marketing, human resources and tax planning responsibilities while overseeing the financial interests of Schwartz Farms.
  •  IMG_8739John King, studied Accounting and Business Management at Youngstown State University and has been the Office Manager at Schwartz Farms since 2010.  John works closely with Pam on accounting and marketing items.  He manages accounts receivable and payable, and handles all paperwork for Pioneer seed and independent inputs (seed treatment), foodgrade contracts and pricings, planting, harvesting and other records.  John and Jess (Dan and Pam’s daughter) got married in August 2012.
  •  IMG_1290Sam Schwartz, son of Tom Schwartz Jr. and DeDe Neumann, studied Crop Management and Services at the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster, Ohio.  Sam is currently the Precision Planting representative at Schwartz Farms, and the point person for spraying, GPS equipment, soil testing, and fertilizer prescriptions and application.  He also has extensive experience operating heavy machinery, planting and harvesting.
  •  IMG_8736Jess King, daughter of Dan and Pam Schwartz, graduated from Penn State University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture and Biological Engineering, and from Ohio State University in 2013 with a Master’s of Science in Plant Genetics and Breeding.  She is currently an independent crop insurance agent for Heartland Crop Insurance, as well as the Pioneer Dairy Specialist covering Trumbull, Ashtabula and Mahoning counties.  Jess works closely with Dan, John and Bill on operations for the seed company.


  •  rsz_img_8883 Tom Schwartz Jr., son of Thomas Sr. and Jean Schwartz, is a partner and owner of Schwartz Farms with his brother, Dan.  As an expert in mechanics and heavy equipment, Tom manages all shop repair and preventative maintenance operations at the farm and plays a critical role in new developments at Schwartz Farms, such as the recent seed plant updates.  Tom is also very involved in planting and harvesting our crops, especially our food grade soybeans.  Tom and his wife, Leah, have two children, Denis and Vivian, in addition to his two sons, Tyler (& Sarah) and Sam.
  •  IMG_8733 Bruce Brainard, has been with Schwartz Farms since 2007.  He is the point person for all custom field work done by Schwartz Farms, including but not limited to installing tile and clearing land.  He also works closely with Tom Jr. in the shop performing different types of preventative and repair maintenance on farm equipment.  Bruce has extensive experience driving truck, running grain carts, and operating heavy machinery, such as the bulldozer and excavator.  Bruce and his wife, Dorian, have two children, Kyle and Lindsay.
  •  TylerTyler Schwartz, son of Tom Schwartz Jr. and DeDe Neumann, studied Power and Equipment at the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster, Ohio.  Tyler is the VisionWorks representative at Schwartz Farms, and works closely with his father, Tom Jr., in the shop doing preventative and repair maintenance on farm equipment.  He is also the point person for fitting ground farmed by Schwartz Farms.  Tyler has experience operating heavy machinery, planting, harvesting, and driving truck.  Tyler and his wife, Sarah, got married in December 2013.
  •  IMG_8872 Ralph Phillips, has been working part-time at Schwartz Farms for over 10 years.  Ralph’s main role is to assist Sam with spraying throughout the spring and summer seasons.  He also helps operate heavy machinery during planting and harvesting.  Ralph works full-time in the body shop at Wollam’s Chevorlet in Cortland, Ohio.


  •  Bill Bill Helmuth, has worked at Schwartz Farms for over 30 years, and grew up on the farm with Tom Jr. and Dan while his father, Fred Helmuth, worked closely with Tom Sr.  Bill is the General Manager of the seed plant facility, and plays a vital role in the farm’s  production and processing of crops.  He also has extensive experience installing tile, planting, harvesting, and operating heavy machinery, such as the bulldozer and excavator.  Bill and his wife, Linda, have two children, Tiffany and Jordan.
  •  IMG_8734 Larry Morse, has been working for Schwartz Farms since 2003.  Larry works closely with Bill and Bruce to ensure the seed plant and field work operations are maintained, respectively.  He is not only our point person for trucking, having extensive experience for many years, but also has played a role in operating heavy machinery on the farm.
  •  Aaron1 Aaron Schwartz, son of Dan and Pam Schwartz, is currently studying Agronomy at the Ohio State University main campus.  During his summer break, Aaron works full-time at Schwartz Farms predominantly fitting ground or working at the seed plant during the spring season.  Aaron also has experience running heavy machinery.
  •  KoiKoichiro (Koi) Aihara, son of Mokichi Aihara, visited our farm all the way from Saitama-ken, Japan (near Tokyo).  His father is the president of Saitama Ryoukoku Co., Ltd., which was Schwartz Farms’ first non-GMO food grade soybeans customer in 1998.  Koi worked on Schwartz Farms between May 2013 and January 2015.  During this time, he not only learned our food grade business, but also helped around the farm and learned about our entire operation at Schwartz Farms.  In the future, Koi plans to return to Schwartz Farms every year to assess and build upon our food grade soybean partnership with his company.
  •  SarahSarah Schwartz, works part-time at Schwartz Farms by helping in the shop and seed plant throughout the year.  From August to June, she works as a full-time physical education teacher for the St. Michaels School system in Pennsylvania.  Sarah grew up on a dairy farm in Atlantic, Pennsylvania, which is currently operated by her dad and two brothers.