Products & Services

Schwartz Farms offers a number of products and services in order to meet our customers’ needs and crop production goals.


As seed specialists, our main focus is to offer the most competitive varieties in order to meet a wide variety of customer needs. Therefore, we work as representatives and seedsmen on behalf of a number of companies, including Pioneer, AgriMaxx, Ohio Certified Seed, AGI and Quality Seeds to offer soybean, corn, wheat, oats, rye, alfalfa and grass seeds. In addition to providing the seed itself, Schwartz Farms’ crop advisors and agronomists work with its customers throughout the year to provide customer-specific knowledge and advice.

Please see the main Seeds web page for more information.

Custom Seed Treatment

While some of our seed comes treated by the seed breeding companies, we do apply custom treatment for soybeans, wheat, oats and rye seed, if requested by our customers. Additionally, Schwartz Farms sells bags of dry soybean inoculant such as Graph-Ex.

Please see the main Custom Seed Treatment web page for more information.


Another way to maximize crop production is through reliable, efficient and innovative equipment, which we offer at Schwartz Farms, ranging from Precision Planting planter equipment and software, to VisionWorks cameras that help you monitor blind spots on your equipment, to Ag Dryer Services seed tenders for bulk seed handling.

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