Precision Planting

In 1993, Precision Planting was founded on the principle that paying attention to details paid large dividends in terms of yield, profits and growth.  Its company fosters new ideas and technology that contribute to the better seed spacing, better depth control and better root systems.  The scope of the company has introduced proprietary meter components and calibration systems (hardware) and new planter electronic systems and field prescriptions (software).  Ultimately, through Precision Planting’s planter monitoring systems, germination tools and singulation tools, growers are able to achieve the best possible control of depth, spacing and germination. Click here to go to the Precision Planting website.

Schwartz Farms has been a Precision Planting local dealer in northeast Ohio since January 2010.  Those here at Schwartz Farms work as a collective group to guarantee our customers always have assistance.  For example, we service our customers by putting their meters on our MeterMax Ultra test stand to complete an accurate calibration of their meters.  Meters are cleaned, calibrated and repaired, if necessary, in order to ensure that meters perform at peak performance.

See below pictures of a meter before and after it was cleaned and calibrated:


Meter before dirty


Meter after clean

Products List

As previously mentioned, Precision Planting has introduced many hardware and software systems to enhance planting performance.  Click here for their 2014 full line brochure.

Specifically, Schwartz Farms sells an array of Precision Planting products, equipment and maintenance services. Please see below the full list of Precision Planting products we offer on our farm:

Monitoring Systems Germination Tools Singulation Tools
FieldView Clean Sweep eSet
20/20 SeedSense MeterMax Ultra

See our most featured products below:

Monitoring System

20/20 SeedSense Monitor

SeedSense-2The 20/20 SeedSense Monitor System gives you better information AND more information than your current planter monitor.  This can reduce the margin of error  with planting populations, thus allows growers to more actively manage their planters and maximize their crop production.  Click here for more information on the 20/20 SeedSense system.

Germination Tool


CleanSweep-standard-cylinde-2With field conditions varying greatly from field to field, day to day, even row to row, manually adjusting row cleaners are time consuming and can slow down planting.  That’s why Precision Planting has created CleanSweep, which is a dual air cylinder that lets growers set and adjust the row cleaners’ down pressure from the cab.  Click here for more information on the CleanSweep cylinder.

Singulation Tool



Despite the innovativeness and excellent performance of the Precision Planting eSet meter, this system was only offered to John Deere machines.  Now, the new vSet vacuum meters offer improved singulation, longer wear life, more convenience, and greater seed flexibility to a wider variety of planters allowing growers to pair the right planter with their operations without compromising meter performance.

Seed Lubricants

In addition to offering both software and hardware systems, Precision Planting sells eFlow–a blend of talc and graphite that improves seed loading and seed release–and Graphite Powder–a lubricant needed to extend wear life and improve meter performance.  Schwartz Farms offers both products and instructions on their use.



Helpful Literature and Resources

Many farmers have attested to the increasing yields and peak performance provided by Precision Planting products.  Click here to watch their stories and gain insights of their experiences.

The Precision Planting website also offers an abundance of planting tips, additional product information and tech support.  Click here to be directed to their website.

Lastly, the Precision Planting YouTube page is a hub for new ideas and advice for farmers.  Click here to be directed to their YouTube page.

Questions or Concerns?

For more information about the type of equipment that best meets your needs, please contact Sam Schwartz at 330-716-3731 or Tom Schwartz 330-637-3388.