While we specialize in seed production, treatment and sales, Schwartz Farms recognizes that maximizing crop production is also made possible through reliable, efficient and innovative equipment and technology.  As a result, we have expanded our operations to include selling trucking, planting and harvesting equipment and software on behalf of various companies.  We stand behind these type of innovations and offer them to help our farm and customers’ farms be at the forefront of agricultural technologies.

Precision Planting

Precision Planting contributes new ideas and technology that aim to help growers achieve the best possible seed spacing, depth control and root systems by offering monitoring systems, germination tools and singulation tools.

Please see the main Precision Planting web page for more information.

Ag Dryer Services

Ag Dryer Services (ADS) seed tenders allow growers to safely transport bulk seed and proboxes of seed directly to the field.  ADS is the only manufacturer in the market that uses all galvanized construction, which keeps the steel from corroding, reducing maintenance and adding to the life of the machine.

Please see the main Ag Dryer Services web page for more information.


VisionWorks camera systems help monitor blind spots on your equipment.  These systems, which are affordable, portable, weatherproof and easy to install, help maximize your time spent in your fields year round.

Please see the main VisionWorks web page for more information.


In addition to representing the above companies, Schwartz Farms offers CenterFlow spare parts for proboxes and other miscellaneous equipment.  Please contact us for a parts and price list.

We are also open to new opportunities that will benefit agriculture, both locally and globally.

Questions or Concerns?

For general questions and inquiries, please contact John King at 330-637-3388.