Custom Treatment

In order to help our customers and local growers meet their yield goals, Schwartz Farms offers crop protection in the form of custom seed treatment application.  This includes several combinations of fungicides, insecticides, inoculant, biologicals and herbicide programs.

Click here to view our 2015 seed treatment price sheet.


Some of our seed, such as our corn, wheat, oats and rye seed, are sold pre-treated with fungicide, insecticide and herbicide, or in the case of our alfalfa seed, with biologicals.

We also sell inoculants directly to growers for personal application.  For example, Schwartz Farms supplies Graph-Ex, a powder mix inoculant that goes directly in a planter box.  We also sell e-Flow, a talc-graphite seed lubricant, which gets directly added to the planting boxes.


Questions or Concerns?

For more information about our custom application combinations and prices, please contact Dan Schwartz, Bill Helmuth or John King at 330-637-3388.