Ag Dryer Services

Schwartz Farms began selling Ag Dryer Services (ADS) seed tenders over 5 years ago and proudly continues to stand by their products today. ADS has a competitive edge over other companies in the market by being the only manufacturer to use all galvanized construction, which keeps the steel from corroding, reducing maintenance and adding to the life of the machine. Additionally, their products are sold at affordable prices and hold their value over time.

Watch the video below to learn more about ADS and its products:

Click here to watch more videos by ADS.

ADS Seed Tender Models

ADS has two different seed tender models: the Pro-Box Model and the True Bulk Model.  Depending on the grower’s preference, both models allow him/her to safely transport bulk seed directly to the field. Additionally, both models can be customized with a number of options, including but not limited to digital scales, goosenecks, dry and liquid seed inoculators, deck opening covers, electric start motors, etc.  More on these models and options can be found by clicking here to view the ADS brochure.

Schwartz Farms currently offers both the 2- and 4- Pro-Box Models and the 100-unit, 200-unit and 300-unit True Bulk Models.  While we rent out seed tenders to customers in need, we highly encourages farmers to invest in these products in order to maximize the timing and efficiency of their planting schedules.

Pro-Box Model

2-Pro-box Seed Tender:

IMG_1116 4-Pro-box Seed Tender:


Click here for more pictures of these Pro-Box seed tenders.

True Bulk Model

Although Schwartz Farms hasn’t sold these products in the past, we do have the ability to showcase and/or order these products, if requested by the customer. Click here for more pictures of these True Bulk seed tenders.

Questions or Concerns?

For more information about the type of seed tender and equipment that best meets your needs, please contact Dan Schwartz or John King at 330-637-3388.