Our Mission & Philosophy

As a family owned company, we are committed to the long-term success of our customers, employees, community and company.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Schwartz Farms is two-fold:

  1. To help build the future of agriculture in Trumbull County, northeast Ohio, United States, and across the world; and,
  2. To continue providing high quality products and services in efforts to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Core Values

Honor God

In all that Schwartz Farms does, we aim to trust in God our Creator and use the land and equipment He’s blessed us with to glorify His name.


We are dedicated to being stewards of the land and serving our customers and community by understanding and placing value in their needs and success.


By leveraging our knowledge, experiences and desire for continual improvement, we strive to embrace and invest in new opportunities that are beneficial to the land, community and agriculture as a whole.


We adhere to principles and practices that guide our actions towards producing high quality products at competitive prices, bearing in mind honesty, transparency and respect for others.


The team at Schwartz Farms takes great pride in working together and relying on partnerships and others’ expertise to produce positive and efficient results.


To maintain a family operated farm, seed company, and supplier of grain to food manufacturers that is at the forefront of new research and systems technology.