About Us

Schwartz Farms is a family owned farm and seed company, specializing in seed and specialty grain. Established predominately as a dairy farm by Thomas Schwartz Sr. in 1956, the services and products offered at Schwartz Farms have evolved over time, while still retaining its dedication to meeting the demands of local and global agriculture and helping others maximize their seed results. Today, Schwartz Farms is operated as a general partnership between Tom Jr. and Dan, and has expanded its operations to include growing, conditioning, cleaning, packaging and/or selling corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, rye, alfalfa and grass seed. Schwartz Farms also has past experience with barley seeds. Through our continual improvements to our facility and equipment, we are currently farming 3,300 acres of owned/rented property in Trumbull County in northeast Ohio, USA.

Most prominently, Schwartz Farms has been involved in the foodgrade soybean industry since 1998 by selling non-GMO foodgrade soybeans both domestically and internationally. To-date, Schwartz Farms has exported non-GMO foodgrade soybeans to several East and Southeast Asian countries, such as Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and Korea. We continue to meet the high demand for this commodity through foodgrade soybean production contracts with local growers in Trumbull, Mahoning, Ashtabula and Mercer counties. This 2014 alone, Schwartz Farms had approximately 8,500 acres of foodgrade soybeans for production under contract with buyers both overseas and in the United States.

Collectively, those here at Schwartz Farms consider ourselves to be both farmers and seedsmen, aiming to contribute to agriculture as a whole, while serving our customers in such a way that we help them get as much out of their seeds as they possibly can. Some ways we try to do this is by selling top quality seeds, offering seed tenders, and enhancing planting through equipment maintenance and sales.

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