Ohio Certified Seeds

Schwartz Farms has been an active member of Ohio Certified Seeds since the inception of our seed business in 1998.  Ohio Certified Seeds, a sub-company within the Ohio Seed Improvement Association (OSIA), provides a wide range of fall and spring crop seeds.

Varieties & Seed Characteristics

Specifically, Schwartz Farms grows rye, oats and soft red winter wheat seeds.  Please find below the varieties we offer at our farm:


> Sunburst


> Spooner

Click here for the wheat and rye seed characteristics found in the 2013 Fall Seed Directory.


> Armors

> Sabers

Click here for the oats seed characteristics found in the 2014 Annual Seed Directory.

To learn more about Ohio Certified Seeds’ products, as well as the services offered by the OSIA, please click here.

Seed Treatment

In order to protect product performance, Schwartz Farms does custom treatment application on Ohio Certified Seeds products, if requested by the customer.  This allows us to offer competitive treatment prices and packaging flexibility.  Call us for more information about treatment types and prices!

Questions or Concerns?

For additional questions about varieties, treatment and prices, please contact Dan Schwartz or John King at 330-637-3388.