AgriMAXX is one of the fastest growing and leading wheat companies in the United States, focused on supplying farmers with high quality, high performing wheat seed to help maximize their profitability per acre.  Their 100+, 125+ and 150+ Bushel Clubs are testaments to what exceptional AgriMAXX brand wheat seed coupled with solid management provided by the grower can produce.

In 2012, Schwartz Farms proudly became an AgriMAXX distributor.

Wheat Varieties & Seed Characteristics

Schwartz Farms offers several Medium Early to Medium Late varieties conducive for northeast Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania, including:

AgriMaXX 413 Medium Early 2013 AgriMAXX 413 Info Sheet
AgriMaXX 434 Medium 2013 AgriMAXX 434 Info Sheet
AgriMaXX 427 Medium 2013 AgriMAXX 427 Info Sheet
AgriMaXX 447 Medium Late 2013 AgriMAXX 447 Info Sheet
AgriMaXX 438 Medium Late 2013 AgriMAXX 438 Info Sheet

Click hereto view and download the Full 2013 AgrixMAXX Seed Guide.

Test Plot Information

Click here for our 2014 wheat test plot results.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Seed Treatment

In order to protect product performance, Schwartz Farms does custom treatment application on AgriMAXX wheat seed, particularly in the form of a fungicide and insecticide.  Call us for more information about treatment types and prices!


Schwartz Farms offers packaging flexibility for wheat seed, including bags or bulk bags.

AgriMAXX Wheat Seed

AgriMAXX Wheat Seed BB

Questions or Concerns?

For additional questions about varieties, treatment and prices, please contact Dan Schwartz or John King at 330-637-3388 or Sarah Schwartz at 330-716-2913.